Tight vs. medium loose leech

It all started back in 2012 when we introduced the first HERO. At this time we did not yet have the IDOL as a dedicated Freestyle sail in our range. Therefore a lot of our Freestyle riders took the HERO for Freestyling. Against the initial idea they rigged the HERO with a fairly tight leech. Since we saw some interesting aspects on the HERO with this trim we started developing the SOUL.


Basically the new SOUL is designed to be rigged with a fairly tight leech whereas the HERO is meant to be rigged with a medium loose leech. 

You should also keep in mind that the looseness of the leech automatically defines the amount of sail tension (a looser leech always requires more downhaul tension = higher sail foil tension).

The other difference is that the SOUL comes with a wide luff panel out of elastic Dacron material and a short batten above the boom (which makes for a rather big distance between the foot batten and the first full batten).

With these differences in the design parameters it's pretty easy to describe the differences in performance:

1. Due to the tight leech the SOUL has an enormous low-end power. On the other hand the HERO with its looser leech offers a much better high-end control (overall you can say that for example the SOUL 5.2 covers a similar wind range than the HERO 5.6)

2. Due to the lower sail foil tension plus the rather soft Dacron luff panel the SOUL has a very smooth/soft power delivery 

3. Due to the lower sail foil tension the SOUL needs less wind power to fill out. This means that even in sub-planing conditions you already have "something to hold on to". On the other hand the HERO has a much more stable/locked draft position once the wind picks up.

4. Due to a rather big distance between the foot batten and the first full batten you can luff the SOUL at any time. It's not the traditional on-off but a gradual power/de-powering making the SOUL the least technical/exhausting wave sail in our range. Simply spoken a sail for soul-riders.

The HERO on the other hand is a high performing wave sail satisfying even vice World Champion Victor Fernandez.

Important: in waves both sails work best on multi-fin boards.