14_mast_logo.pngPlatinum & Silver

The ultimate 40cm mast extension featuring our most high-tech, ultra-light PLATINUM construction.


Extend your mast by 40cm yet without any negative impact on the bending curve or the durability of our masts. For the first time, it is possible to use sails with a size difference of up to 3.5m2 with one and the same mast (for instance, the entire S_TYPE line from 6.0 to 9.5 with a single 460 mast)!




                  PLATINUM                       SILVER

Length (cm) RDM/SDM  | 40                  RDM/SDM  | 40



ART. NO. - PLATINUM RDM 14110-8502

ART. NO. - PLATINUM SDM  14090-8037

ART. NO. - SILVER RDM 14110-8501

ART. NO. - SILVER SDM 14100-8500

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