Nick van Ingen


Nickname Nick
Sailnumber H-122
Date of Birth 06.07.1994
Birthplace Puttershoek (Holland)
Currently living in Puttershoek
Current car BMW E36 touring
Started Windsurfing in 2002
People you like to sail with Rick Jendrusch - Tim Ruyssenaars - Yentel Cears and more
Favourite spot Maasvlakte 2 ( north sea )
Favourite food Pizza
Favourite magazine windsurf magazine
Hobbies The biggest one : windsurfing for sure ! Snowboarding and surfing
Pets tropical fishes
Favourite music before a windsurf session : Hip/hop and rock . after a windsurf session reggae
Web site
Results: 2013 :
25 th pwa podersdorf

2012 :
1st pro kids world U20
3rd nk freestyle brouwersdam U20
5th nk freestyle open class
2nd nk freestyle lauwersmeer U20
4th nk freestyle overall
2nd nk freestyle overall U20     

2011 :
2nd pro kids world U20
2nd nk freestyle amstelmeer
2nd nk freestyle overall U20

Why NorthSails?

Good looks , good quality and amazing freestyle sails!


What do you want to be remembered for?

Great high powerful new school freestyle tricks , climbing the lader to the top of the pwa freestyle ranking ! 

Anythind to add…

Having fun on the water , and give everything !