Tom Malina



DOB 14.09.1978
Birthplace Most
Currently living in Prague
Started Windsurfing in 1992
People you like to sail with My sister, father and close friends
Favourite spot Cape Town, Tarifa, Nechranice
Favourite food I eat everything
Favourite magazine Serious newspapers
Hobbies Well not much time for other hobbies
Pets Dog and cat
Favourite music Depends on my mood but I prefer Incubus, Korn and Pearl Jam
Web site

Multiple Czech slalom Champion

34th PWA World tour 2013

2004 Athens Olympic games

Why NorthSails?

If you want to be one of the bests you need to sail one of the bests


What do you want to be remembered for?

As a person who did everything with passion and full commitment


Anythind to add…

Windsurfing forever