Mike Burns

DOB May 9, 1977
Birthplace Queens, NY
Currently living in Port Jefferson Station, Long Island, NY
Current car 2007 Ford Expedition / 2002 Mustang GT
Started Windsurfing in 1992
People you like to sail with All the locals on Long Island, Cape Cod, Cape Hatteras and the Bonaire guys. Anyone into freestyle.
Favourite spot West Meadow Beach on Long Island. Depending on the tide it can be glass flat for freestyle or head high waves so you usually get to sail everything without changing spots.
Favourite food Snow Crabs from the Mad Crabber in Cape Hatteras, NC
Favourite magazine Either Windsurfing Mag or Windsport. I can't decide.
Hobbies Mountainbiking, snowboarding, and making my mustang look and perform as good as my Northsails
Pets I've got a boxer named Roxy
Favourite music Rock

Why North Sails
Try one...You'll know instantly. They're the only sails I've tried that I know won't hold me back.

What do you want to be remembered for
Doing a forward on my 90th birthday.