Maxime van Gent


Nickname Maxie
Sailnumber NB-22
Date of Birth 29.05.1996
Birthplace Wouwse Plantage
Currently living in Bonaire
Current car Not yet :)
Started Windsurfing in 2009
People you like to sail with everybody
Favourite spot Sorobon
Favourite food Mac Donalds
Favourite magazine Like them all
Hobbies Wakeboarding, swimming, Skeeleren, SUP
Pets Dogs
Favourite music Pop
Web site
Results 2012
7th - Freestyle woman PWA, Fuerteventura
2nd - Slalom woman Copa Julia, Bonaire
Youth Champion Freestyle

7th - Freestyle Woman PWA, Bonaire
7th - Freestyle woman PWA, Aruba
Youth Champion Freestyle U18

2nd - Freestyle girls Lionsclub, Bonaire
3rd - Slalom girls Lionsclub, Bonaire
3rd - Slalom U15 IFCA Pro Kids, Bonaire

Why NorthSails?

Best sail there is! Really light and amazing people

What do you want to be remembered for?

As someone who has made a difference

Anything to add... favourite colour is pink!