Luc Salomons

Nickname Lucky Luc
Date of Birth 16.07.1971
Birthplace Ceduna, South Australia
Currently living in Almere, Netherlands
Current car Volkswagen Passat Variant
Started Windsurfing in 1984
Peolpe you like to sail with My brothers,Friends, members of Speed Team Makkum and all other speed addicts
Favourite spot Makkum
Favourite food Lasagne
Favourite magazine Dutch and German Surf Magazines and Motion
Hobbies Apart from windsurfing? ...well, ok: skiing, cycling, video editing, wife, kids
Pets No thanks! (I have three kids!)
Favourite music U2, Coldplay, Pat Metheny
Web site /

Why NorthSails

I have been using them for more than a decade; tried some other sails but there is nothing like the North feeling, quality and performance!

What do you want to be remembered for

Friendliness, Versatility, Organizational and Communicational skills, being a good father

Anything to add

I am proud and happy to be part of the NorthSails family and to be able to use the equipment. I feel confident and comfortable with it.

And rememeber: life begins above 40 knots!