Milos Milosevic

SLO 217

Sailnumber SLO 217
DOB 15.5.1977
Birthplace Murska Sobota
Currently living in Vienna Austria / Murska Sobota Slovenia
Current car Nissan Almera
Started Windsurfing in 2001
People you like to sail with With all my friends, the Neusiedler See crew, my home boys from Slovenia and all the people having fun on the water
Favourite spot Melkbos and Swartriet in South Africa for wave riding and Dahab for freestyle
Favourite food Mexican, Chinese, Pizza
Favourite magazine TW Snowboarding, Surf-Magazin, Free Magazin, Surfers
Hobbies Snowboarding, recently surfing
Pets None at the moment, my cocker spaniel passed away
Favourite music Anything really from old Heavy Metal to alternative Hip Hop and some cool electronic music like Kosheen or Chemical Brothers
Web site
Results Results 2007
6th Efpt Perna
17th Efpt Podersdorf 
Results 2006
3rd National Championship Freestyle
4th IWA O'Neill Windsurfing Championship Belmullet Freestyle
9th IWA O'Neill Windsurfing Championship Belmullet Wave
25th Efpt Premantura
2nd, Totisurf spring session, Marbor, Slovenia
17th, Weiden Classic, Weiden, Austria

3rd, Slovenian Freestyle Championship, Izola, Slovenia

13th, HT Mobile Soul&Style, Bol, Croatia
9th, Slovenian Freestyle Championship, Preluka, Croatia

Why North Sails
I started windsurfing with North Sails so to me this is like back to the roots. North has a killer equipment where everything fits together. Plus there is a dedicated team that works hard and pushes windsurfing.

What do you want to be remembered for
As a down to earth normal guy

Anything to add...
Have fun!